Improvising Blues Harmonica


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Improvising Blues Harmonica, by authors David Barrett and John Garcia, is a groundbreaking method explaining the mysterious world of improvising. This book and recording cover: chorus forms; what licks, riffs, melodies and phrases are made of; scale and chord theory; concepts for soloing (focus notes); phrase shaping; accompaniment playing; hooks, heads and bridges; elements that add unity to an instrumental; instrumental song analysis; learning solos note for note and retaining licks.

Concepts in this material have been proven over a decade of private lessons and workshops held around the world. If you are looking to go the next step in your soloing skills, this material will take you there. For intermediate and advanced blues Harmonica players. Recording uses ‘C’ and ‘A’ major diatonic Harmonicas. Examples presented in the book are played by the authors. Full-length study songs are also included. 80 pages in length with access to online audio.

Difficulty Intermediate-Advanced
Pages 80
ISBN 9780786690206
Catalog No. MB20943M

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