Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48 Gold Edition


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The Hohner Super Chromonica 270/48 Gold Edition, is an 18 carat plated version of the original chromatic harmonica.  It features, gold plated cover plates, reed beds, slide and mouth piece, and it makes the perfect gift.

The 270/48 Super Chromonica is probably the best selling chromatic harmonica of all time. Made in the same manner as the Chromonica, it has twelve holes, and a range of three complete octaves, which enables almost any tune in any key to be played on one harmonica. It has a double lacquered pear-wood comb for rich sound and reduced swelling, 1.05mm gold plated, brass reed plates, is approx 15.5cm in length, and comes in a rigid black plastic case.

Almost unchanged since its inception, it’s still the original chromatic harmonica and the instrument of choice for generations of players who have left their mark in folk, pop and jazz.


Available in key C only.

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