Hohner Koch Chromatic


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Hohner Koch Chromatic is a diatonic harmonica with an extra set of notes.
Each single hole accesses four reeds; a blow reed and draw reed for two natural notes as
well as a blow reed and draw reed for two chromatic notes (a semi tone higher). The button is pushed to activate the
chromatic notes, which closes off the airflow from the top set of reeds and enables the other set to sound.
All Hohner chromatic harmonicas except the Koch and Slide Harp are solo tuned, meaning each group of four holes covers a complete octave. The Koch tuning is like other chromatic models with the slide out, but when depressed has chromatic capabilities allowing full chords in the first three holes. The Koch has a full tone and excellent intonation
Polished stainless steel cover plates and with in a vinyl snap case.
Available in key G.

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