Hohner Harmonica key of C sale price


Special price on Hohner harmonicas Key C.



We got a special deal on some Hohner harmonicas in key C from our supplier and we are passing the savings on to you, our customers.  The Blues Harp, Big River and Marine Band in key C are available at special prices.  These harmonicas are ideal for beginners to advanced players, and are suitable for playing blues and other styles of music.
Included is a ticket for 30 days of free online lessons.


The Big River is one of Hohner’s MS – modular system range, using standard brass reed plates which are replaceable. It has a plastic comb, tastefully engraved cover plates, and comes in a sturdy plastic box.  Big River £22.99 – the sound of the Mississippi Delta


The Hohner Marine Band, first made in 1896, is the world’s best selling harmonica and is still the instrument of choice for many professional players.  It has traditional nailed 0.9mm brass reed plates on a pear wood comb. comes in a plastic case.  Marine Band £27.99 – since 1896, the harmonica chosen by legends.


The Hohner Blues Harp has a wooden comb. It is one of Hohner’s MS – modular system range, the cover plates has closed ends which makes note bending a bit easier. The sweet tone, enhanced by the wooden comb, is popular with acoustic blues players.





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Weight 190 g

Big River, Blues Harp, Marine Band Standard, Special 20