Hohner Blues Bender


Hohner Blues Bender newly designed – now with transparent comb, redesigned cover plates and improved sound.

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The Hohner Blues Bender has a durable transparent plastic comb, ergonomically designed stainless steel cover plates, with side vents for greater tone and volume. The 0.9mm nickel plated reed plates gives improved sound, and the airtight comb allows for easier note bending and comfortable playing.  Making this an ideal harmonica beginners.


Included is a sturdy black plastic case.


Ideal for beginners, £19.99 special price, available in key C only.
Other keys available in the future.


Technical specification:
• Transparent plastic comb
• Nickel plated reed plates for improved reed response and optimized musical performance
• Ergonomically designed cover plates out of stainless steel
• Sturdy hard-shell case out of plastic
• Includes 30 days Free Online Lessons code.
• Made in Hohner’s factory in China.

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Weight 180 g