Harp Wah




The Harp Wah by Roly Platt, until now the only way to get resonator “cup mute” effects was to raid the kitchen cupboards for cups, mugs or used tin cans.

The Harp Wah now comes with the option of a fitted Wah Claw. Designed to improve your grip on the Harp Wah.
Grip your Harp Wah with three fingers below the “hooked” part of the handle, with your index finger above the hook.

The Harp Wah, comes in a branded custom drawstring bag.

Watch the video of Roly Platt demonstrating the Harp Wah.


Is the Harp Wah right for you?

The Harp Wah has been carefully designed to work for most diatonic players. Please read these considerations to ensure the best results.
Technical Considerations

The Harp Wah was specifically made for acoustic diatonic harmonica playing.
The design and “input slot” width will accommodate any standard diatonic model with a total cover height (thickness) of less than 23mm – all major brands tested fall well within this slot width and include standard models from: Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki and Lee Oscar.
Thicker harmonicas: Even the overly thick models such as Seydel’s “Low Low” tunings with their wider cover plates work using a slightly modified grip.

Playing Style/Grip

The Harp Wah can be used by left or right-handed players but is not generally recommended for players who play with the low notes towards your fingertips (as opposed to the typical way – low notes towards the palm).
The Harp Wah was designed to work with what is called the “classic grip” hand positioning – with the harp held between the index finger and thumb. It may also work for players with an alternative grip, but please keep this in mind.
Customized harmonicas and harmonicas with customized covers will also work.
As with using any new device, some adaptation and practice is suggested to maximize the all available tones and effects of the Harp Wah.

Additional information

Weight 230 g

With Wah Claw, Without Wah Claw