Green Bullet Microphone Holder


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Over the years I’ve been asked for a mic stand holder for a Green Bullet.   Now you can say goodbye to duct tape – the new Green Bullet holder is here.  Just click your bullet mic in and there you have it, the best solution for mounting a Green Bullet on a microphone stand. And that is not all…

Green Bullet Holder features:

  • – new rounded retro design
  • – smooth surface comfortable to hold in hands
  • – no sharp edges that can scratch your microphone
  • – easy click your microphone in and out
  • – holds a Green bullet microphone safely
  • – enables easy access to volume control knob
  • – two options for mounting on different type of stands
  • – works also with other bullet microphones like: Superlux D112C, Peavey H-5 and H-5C (Cherry Bomb) and a Digital Reference – Red Howler
  • – optionally has an amazing Harp Holder extension with a magnet lock for holding a harmonica

Please note, the Green Bullet microphone is not included.


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