CMT 100 Chromatic Tuner


The perfect chromatic tuner for harmonica players.

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CMT-100 Chromatic Tuner includes a Metronome and Tone generator.

Main features:
Big LC-Display (switchable background light) and 3 LEDs
Basis frequency calibration (433 – 447 Hz)
Flat-Tuning (4 semi-notes)
C-, Eb-, F- or B-tuning (e.g. for brass instruments)
Metronome: 30 – 250 BPM; 7 different measures; 5 rhythms; TAP-function for recording the tempo
Tone generator: 1 Octave; Flat-Tuning; C-, Eb-, F- or B-Tuning
Guitar jack input and output (6.3mm)
Headphones out jack, 3.5mm stereo
Volume switch
Fold out stand at the back
99 x 72 x 18 mm; weight 86 g
2 x 1.5V AAA batteries

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Weight 240 g