Between Chaos and Structure book


Music Theory for Blues Harmonica.

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Between Chaos and Structure – Practical guide to harmonics for harmonica players. Authors Peter Volksdorf and Bertram Becher.

This tutorial is created specifically for a harmonica player and will help you build a basis for your musical progress, helping you to feel and learn structure that can easily be lost in fog of improvisation.

This A5 size book by Seydel contains:
music theory explained step by step
written especially for Blues Harmonica
playing in different positions
analyzing and understanding music in general
comprehensive exercises
no musical education required
music reading not required

Knowledge about music theory (not reading sheet music) is the key for understanding musical structures – this is true for all kinds of music and musical instruments. The authors explain music theory step by step and provide practical playing tips with exercises designed specifically for harmonica players.

Peter Volksdorf is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the harmonica and many other instruments like accordion, guitar, banjo, and trumpet in different bands.
Bertram Becher is a product specialist at Seydel Harmonica Company and has played both harmonica and keyboard in bands. He has wrote many tutorial books about Blues Harmonica.

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